My Yogurt Addiction + BodyAttack

On Tuesday I ditched Nike Training Club to get my hair cut instead. Split ends do not make a cute workout accessory!

However, I made sure not to miss my BodyAttack class this week. It is my absolute favorite exercise class! If you haven’t done it before, it is a high energy cardio class created by Les Mills that keeps you moving for an entire hour doing athlete inspired moves to the latest hit music.


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What I love about this class is that it challenges you physically while still allowing you to have fun and get lost in the music. It really distracts you from the time making an hour long workout feel like ten minutes have gone by.


Here’s a short preview!


The energy is truly contagious. And if it gets too intense for you, there are also low impact modifications that you can make at any time. I have been doing this class regularly for about 3 years and I still can’t do the entire class at full capacity. But it has improved my cardiovascular stamina significantly and is a great motivator for me to continue stay in shape. Like any Les Mills class, they release new moves and music on a regular basis to keep things interesting.

Another plus for me is that you don’t have to be really coordinated to do it. I have taken step classes and dance classes and just didn’t get a good workout because I can’t keep up with all of the moves. BodyAttack is a great solution for clumsy people like myself who need something a little less technical.

Whenever I am done with BodyAttack, I feel amazing and am drenched in sweat. I can always count on a good workout when I go. Last time I took it, this is what my heart rate monitor read:


Yep, 823 calories in an hour. I love it!

If you ever see it offered at your gym you should give it a try! Click here to see if it is offered near you.

On a separate note, I thought I would share my favorite yogurt since it is such an important staple in my diet. Being a vegetarian I am always looking for new ways to get healthy protein and one great option I have found is Greek yogurt. It is much higher in protein and lower in sugar than regular yogurt and my favorite kind is Stoneyfield Oikos.

jan 11th 033

Just one cup has 15 grams of protein and only 11 grams of sugar. Plus, it also has 20% of your daily value of calcium.

All of this for only 110 calories! Heaven in a cup, my friends.

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My favorite way to eat it is with chia seeds and dark chocolate chips. Sometimes, I also like to stir in cereal or granola to make it extra special.

jan 11th 032

jan 11th 047


I eat this yogurt literally every.single.morning, it is that good. And it is full of probiotics to help keep my immunity up, which I love.


What is your favorite kind of yogurt? What toppings do you like to add?